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We also have blocks and long lengths of firewood suitable for Hungi's

Welcome to We Deliver Firewood - Best Firewood Supplier in Sydney to Mountains for 35 years!


No global warming, please! What is the best option for domestic and commercial heating?

Is there any environmentally friendly fuel source available in nature that can be utilised for personal and commercial use? Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and when they start decomposing or burning they release it. Smouldering firewood maintains a carbon neutral status and does not disturb ecological balance. Rotting wood releases the same amount of CO2 as burning wood so there is no chance of global warming when burning firewood!


Blackouts or power failures? Get heat from firewood!

Has your conventional heating system broken down because of a blackout? We will light up your home in no time, get firewood from us! We bring you a variety of mixed eco-friendly firewood that will ignite at the earliest and provide warmth to your family during a power failure. Nature holds firewood, a renewable source of energy in abundance, avail it and get moisture free firewood supplies from us.


Which is a better choice- electricity, gas or firewood?

Electric and gas heat is at least 6 and 5 times more expensive than firewood respectively. Why not quit dependence on foreign oil and start kindling a blazing fireplace instead? At We Deliver Firewood we offer the best dry crackling firewood of different types to order:

Hardwood logs and firewood for sale at our family owned outlets of We Deliver Firewood have the ideal moisture content and promise domestic heating with warmth and safety at lower utility costs.   


Firewood delivery of legally sourced certified firewood


Contribute to responsible living by purchasing our Firewood association certified wood. We have a 35-year experience in wood sales and stock seasoned bulk firewood for sale in Sydney, Western Sydney, across NSW, Blue Mountains, lower mountains and all other surrounding areas. The wood that our family business dispenses through our staff at Greystanes and Brian, is legally sourced and sustainable and you can contact us for timely firewood delivery.